Hot and Sweaty Quarters

I had a feeling we were due for a quarters workout this week and sure enough we got to the track and the workout was 16 quarters. Two sets of 8. Last time we did this workout we smoked it, sometimes I look back at last summers track workouts and wonder how on earth I ran so fast. But hopefully that speed will come back soon and hopefully I will get even faster. In the meantime I certainly can't complain about the slightly slower paces as my body and attitude are benefiting from successfully completing the workouts after the craziness of injury and illness leading up to and following Boston.

Same workout as last time. 2 sets of 8 quarters with 80 second rests then 2 minutes between the sets, goal 85 per quarter. It was hot hot hot and humid! Thankfully NC has been bringing a cooler with ice. So between downing 2 bottles of water during the workout (and 3 electrolyte pills throughout the day) and putting ice in my bra every other quarter I managed to stick to the pace without falling off or cramping up. I definitely felt like I was working hard, not sure if I could have run 81s if that had been the stated goal, maybe, but I was content to really try and nail the pace and not race it. Salty and I did a good job of just trying to run smooth and relaxed despite being a sweaty mess!

85.65, 81.45, 85.29, 83.99, 84.79, 84.80, 84.77, 84.89

85.18, 83.50, 85.13, 83.72, 84.05, 83.60, 83.27, 81.15

I do think I need to try and be better about running more even on the track. We are in the habit of always running the front 200 faster than the back 200. We do this even in longer reps. Not sure why, but we consistently run the first 200 of every lap at least 1, sometimes up to 4 seconds faster than the back 200.

Followed the workout up with Video 1 of the Jay Johnson Core and Strength Series. I was a gross sweaty mess by the end of it all! Great way to spend your 8th anniversary :) I'm a lucky girl to have scored such a supportive and understanding husband! He even gutted out 2.5 miles at the track last night before succumbing to the heat and hitting the AC while waiting for me to finish up.


Kim said...

when i first saw the title of your blog, i thought it read "hot and sweaty OYSTERS" hahahaha!!!

E-Speed said...

ha! well I did do those clam exercises after and they were pretty sweaty!

Janet Edwards said...

That is a whole lotta favorite! Looks pretty solid to me!