6*800, 6*200

Weather at the track was downright lovely for once last night, thank goodness!

My sluggish legs disappeared the moment I hit the track and didn't return until after dinner which was a pleasant surprise. It felt very good to get back in a groove last night. I wasn't breaking any personal records on the 800s (but coming close!), but we did finish up with my fastest 200 ever :) It was nice to feel excited about pushing my body again, rather than timid or frustrated. Though the 200s were crazy with the whole group shooting off the line together each time, it was not the one or two partners I am used to, and you could definitely tell who the sprinters in our group are! (Note, not me!)

Goal was 6*800 at 2:50 with 2 minutes rests followed by 6*200 with 200 jogs, 200s were to start at 40 for the first two and step down from there. I believe my fastest 200s so far were in the 36's. Putting on the spikes and really hammering it out on my toes was fun. It felt so good to feel that my legs could and would push me faster.

2:48.89, 2:47.45, 2:46.59, 2:46.93, 2:47.75, 2:46.97

39.83, 40.53, 37.02, 36.73, 35.42, 34.07

Glad the speed is starting to come back! Maybe this summer will go better than anticipated. Now just need to ice away this plantar fascitis and I would be really stoked!

Also of note the workout was again accompanied by one of my mental soundtracks. Had another Enrique song on tap with Tonight I'm "Loving" You. And thanks to Pandora I found out this week that those lyrics are actually the PG version of the tune. That is the second song in the past two months that I did not realize was edited for radio. While the meaning of the song is clearly the same for some reason it just feels a lot dirtier using the real lyrics!

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