7*6:30 Tempo

Wasn't sure how this one would go. Tuesdays track workout was good, but my body was definitely feeling the effects of pushing the pace. My quads a little sorer than normal, my left calf tight, my left hip flexor tight, and just in general a bit tired for a 6 am workout. But just like Tuesday my body seems to prefer being in motion right now and once we got going the run just flowed. My training buddy 'Stina tends to run a little faster than the given workout, whether it is because her Garmin isn't as friendly as mine or she's just feeling that good I have been going with it content to run a few strides behind as long as we stay somewhere close to the goal. Today was no different, the miles just clicked off all faster than 6:30. Her Garmin wasn't as friendly as mine and we had to go another 20 seconds beyond my 7th mile before hers finally beeped, so to be a little tougher on myself I added 3 seconds to each of my garmins split for the total today. I think my Garmin is a little too friendly to me sometimes. :)


So 7 at 6:23-6:26 depending on whose Garmin you side with :)

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