4*1200, 1600

Last nights track workout was more up my alley right now. For some reason anything speedier than around 5:40 pace and I am struggling but keep things in the 5:50 to 6:00 range and I seem fine. Just another check mark in the strength is my strength column. I'm happy to have actually finished a track workout on target, even if I know it is because the pace was a little slower. The nice thing about having some super speedy workouts under my belt is 89 second quarters doesn't sound very intimidating (in reality the workout was still tough, but doable, it is just mentally easier to get on board with the workout when in the back of your head you know just 8 or so weeks ago you did 5*1600 at a faster pace with the same rest).

It also helped that last night I got assigned to work with Salty while the boys and NC were assigned slightly faster paces. It definitely took the pressure off knowing I didn't have to try and keep up with NC.

Workout was 4*1200 with 2 minute rests followed by 3 minute rest then 1600. 1200s at 89 per quarter or 4:27 and 1600 equal or faster to the 1200 pace.

Another hot night in the mid 80s with some wind, but this week I was better prepared, less stressful day at work than last week so I ate on time and better food and to avoid last weeks cramps I took an electrolyte pill before leaving work and one at the start of the workout. NC also brought a cooler like last week so each rest I would stuff ice in my bra to try and keep core temp down.


4:25.21, 4:27.99, 4:26.33, 4:25.10



I know it is not my fastest workout ever but it felt good to get it done without struggling and falling apart. Hopefully before long I will be back to my fastest paces and beyond!


The Salty One said...

You ran great last night and whooped my sorry behind! You looked really strong and relaxed--definitely like you were enjoying it more than the last two weeks for sure. Witnessing that step along your comeback was the one bright spot in my otherwise lackluster evening! I couldn't ask for a better track buddy. It will be a lot better when we both tear it up next week :)

Janet Edwards said...

Looks like another solid effort! I wanted to try to do that this week with Christina but as my alarm setting skills seem to suck! Not sure I missed those longer repeats! Kudos to you!