Waving the white flag

Wow. Just got back from the track and a trip to Little Italy for some Feast food. The track workout was a bit ugly tonight but I semi redeemed myself on the last two quarters after throwing up the white flag and just being happy with a hard effort and forgetting about splits. Apparently all I needed was for someone to call it a "race" to get my ass in gear.

Checked out what FIRST had on tap for me and about cried. 7*800 at 5:57 pace. 5:57 pace, holy cow. I'm just not there yet. I wasn't even close tonight on the first two 800s so I just did the workout everyone else was doing. Which was:

1 mile warm up

800 ez (i didn't do this first one easy as I was still planning to do 7*800 fast as I could)
800 hard
400 hard 30 second rest
400 slightly faster

800 ez
800 hard
4*400 relay, I did the first and third loop and B2 was my partner running the 2nd and 4th.

1 mile cool down

Then B2 and I ran another mile once we parked to get over to the Feast. So I am calling it 7 miles for the night.


mile warm up
8:43 (Probably too fast but I was chatting with the speedsters)


1:30.61 (30 sec rest)


1:26.92 (1:09.76 rest) Damn B2 is fast!

mile cool down

8:44 to Little Italy (~1 mile)

Not a bad night, my legs were definitely tired from Saturdays run and being on my feet most of the day Sunday. The cavetelli and casata cake afterwards made it worth the pain though. B2 and I had fun taking italian food over to T at work, even though she tried to take me out with some foul egg smelling stuff, lol, she wanted us to smell how bad it was but a bit spilled on my arm, I hope I don't stink! Well anymore then I already would from a track workout...


Josh said...

Sounds like a great workout! You definitely went above and beyond what the FIRST schedule calls for.

TriSaraTops said...

We almost went BACK to the Feast tonight....mmmmmm I wish it was every day! :)

I totally forgot you're doing Chicago! Check Southwest.com--I just booked my flight today for $117 round trip to Midway--that includes all the crazy taxes and fees! 1 hour flight = much better than 6 hour drive plus driving in the city. I will be your cheerleader! If I can find you in the crowd somehow!!! :)

Haight said...

LOL....when I first saw that you got back from the track waving a white flag, I thought you went to the horse track and didn't have a good day.

I'm a dork...

A. M. Mericsko said...

Good to see you guys last night! You and Brian earned your good eats unlike my lazy butt that skipped the workout and just came for the food!

Brian said...

Yasso 800's would tell you that if you could run 7x800 at 5:57 pace (2:59's), then you'd be in shape to run a 2:59:00 marathon. I would modify your 800's to your target marathon (3:25:00), which would have you doing 3:25 800's (6:50 pace).

E-Speed said...

This is why I luv ya Brian! I was thinking the same thing this morning. I looked at my track workouts and somehow in May I ran a 2:52 half at the end of a workout. Man just think what I could do if I could get 7 of those ;)

Kim said...

what's up speedy gonzales!!! pass me along some of your delicious feasty meals!

Papa Louie said...

Are you doing the FIRST to the Finish schedule? It's the one I'm doing and I think Brian is also. My schedule called for 2 x (6 x 400) (1:30)
(2:30 RI between sets). My schedule is on my blog site under my Favorites.

Scott said...

I'm just catching up... great race report Elizabeth and as always, great photos.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Great workout!! And don't you just love the Feast? I used to live right in Little Italy, and I loved it - except during the feast when I always had a tough time getting to my apartment cause of the street closures!