A Brief Summary...

of my day so far (I am headed to a party right now)

-woke up at 4AM on about 5 hours of sleep
-Stopped at 7 Eleven for coffee which was still too hot to drink an hour later when I arrived in Flint
-Got lost or took a wrong turn and/or highway 3 times during my 5 and a half hours of driving today
-Got my ass handed to me on a big CRIM sized platter
-Met and hung out with Mouse finally!!!! I cannot wait for our trail marathon in a few weeks!
-Spent 30 minutes at a rest area trying to get my car to start (one of the wrong highways prevented my stop at home to have my dad help me change my oil, coincidence?)
-Made it home finally with the gas light on for the last 20 miles of the trip (afraid to stop because it might not have started again)

And the night is still young!


Jodi said...

What an epic day! But it will make for a great story when the frustration wears off :)

Glad you made it back safely! I have to admit I've done a fair share of driving with my gas light on.

Cliff said...

Espeed..what a day...at least u got a run in and get to meet Mouse.. :)

I have a training question to ask u later...

geez u are going to a party..where u get so much energy..i did a brick and spent my day at the beach and now i am tired...

i must be getting old

massoman said...

i don't do very many things well on 5 hrs of sleep. well... time to put your ass back on and have some fun.

mouse said...

hahaha! you forgot, "led Mouse and her roommate into a possibly sketchy part of Flint. it was ok, i'm sure the criminals aren't awake at 6:30 a.m. anyways" :)

I can't wait for the trail marathon either!

Erin said...

oh my goodness....that sounds like quite a day....and you went to a party?!?!?! you have far more energy than I do, I'll tell you that much.

bummer about the car.....hope everything's alright with it!!

so what do you say to a friendly wager on this year's OSU/UM game?? ;) And if you and Dave are up for a road trip, you can always come to Rochester to watch it with me and Matt! Now THAT would be fun.

Love you!!

DaisyDuc said...

Sounds overly eventful....car trouble blows!

Definitely time for that party!