I signed my name on the dotted line for CRIM this weekend. I have always wanted to do it, but the past two years I have been at the Chicago Tri. With that not happening this year I figured I better do it while I can.

I have heard its pretty hilly and usually hot. Let's hope the heat isn't too bad. Or the hills (for those that glimpsed what I had written before, ignore the crazy lady whose math skills are apparently non existent)

Oh and I have to wake up extremely early Saturday morning to get up to Flint. Why did I think Flint was much closer to my hometown?

I have 15 on tap so I will probably do a 3 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down afterwards and hopefully spend some time chatting with Mouse and Lisa. Any other bloggers coming out to the coolest race in Michigan?

Last night I got in just shy of 7 miles easy downtown after work. The sidewalks aren't real joint friendly that's for sure, but the good company made up for it.

After a stop by an LLS fundraiser for some wings and pizza I headed home and did the RW yoga routine and then walked 2 miles with my husband. The freaking triangle pose jacked my shoulder blades. Perhaps I should have started off with 30 seconds of each pose. Ouch!!!

The routine:
1 minute each
Bound angle pose (Baddha Konasana)
Downward-facing dog pose (adho Mukha Svanasana)
Powerful legs pose, a.k.a. "chair" pose (Utkatasana)
Downward-facing dog pose (adho Mukha Svanasana)
Hero pose (Virasana)
Downward-facing dog pose (adho Mukha Svanasana)
Triangle pose (Utthita Trikonasana)
Wide-angle forward bend pose (prasarita padasana)
Mountain pose (Tadasana)


Black Knight said...

Pretty hill and hot: are you coming here?
Svanasana, Utkatasana, Virasana, Padasana....well I am confused!

Eostre said...

Ah, yoga! Finally some technical stuff I understand! If you ever need a yoga partner [and feel like driving 45 minutes]...

Lana said...

I need to get back to's one of those things that seems easy to skip.

Vickie said...

Good luck! You will soon see why they call this the Coolest Race In Michigan. Beer and pizza and dancing after party. Don't leave before that! And yes, people do stay and dance until they close down. The hills come at about 5 miles--the Bradley Hills--but the bands, spectators, and general enthusiasm will carry you through. Wish I were going but wasn't able to make it this year! You're probably too young for this but since it is the 30th anniversary of the race, a Michigan homeboy will be there--Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels. Just follow the blue line.

Vickie said...

Oh, I forgot. Just before 4 miles, there is an "unofficial" beer stop. Don't pass it up. It gives you a great boost for those hills coming up.

Lloyd said...

Good luck at CRIM! I've always wanted to do that one.

Adele said...

Good luck E! Flint is only 40 minutes from me - I'd come and watch but, hey, I'm going to be visiting C-land and your hubby this weekend!

TriSaraTops said...

I so don't know what CRIM is? I feel like I'm missin' out though. Sounds fun! Have a great race!

Mojo said...

Good for you! Trying the yoga after a run.

Jury is still out for me. My lower back always seems sore after I try yoga.

Have a great run this weekend. Smoke 'em speedy~

Robin said...

CRIM sounds cool! Have fun! On the yoga note here in your post: I am going to try this yoga plan this weekend! Hmmm...Shouldn't we be stretching first? Or is the warm up worked into these estretches/poses?

backofpack said...

Okay, I've got to check out this Yoga routine I keep reading about. I must've missed it the first time around. Good luck at the race!

Rae said...

Good luck at CRIM! I love yoga, I've been dying to try hot yoga.

You can personalize tons of the snakes on a plane calls. It's hilarious. I picked all exercise stuff for you. I've worn that thing out!!!

Bolder said...

i'm with T-tops, no idea what CRIM is, and i even followed the linkie?

Haight said...

I had a Black Krim tomato last night, does that count?