Steelhead Stats

Sometimes numbers say it all...

A and I comparing run splits

number of finishers: 1423
number of females: 435
number of males: 987
average time: 05:49:19

bib number: 1642
age: 24
overall place: 765 out of 1423
division place: 8 out of 22
gender place: 165 out of 435
time: 5:49:27
swim: 35:26 (1:51/100m)
trans 1: 5:37
bike: 3:08:52 (Note that Tough Cookie and I had the same exact freaking bike split! Blog Twins I tell ya!) (17.79 mph)
trans 2: 2:50
run: 1:56:43 (8:54/mile)

I had my swim at 34:30 so that means it was about a 1 minute run to the first chip mat, then another 2 minute run (including a stop to strip the wetsuit and give kisses to my family) that they tacked onto my T1 time. Holy cow that's a lot of running before the bike ;) I think we all actually did 70.7 :) Note that that 3 minutes felt like 10! The carpet just before transition was heaven on your feet after all that sand and asphalt!

More on the race soon, I don't know how so many bloggers already got up recaps! Make sure to check out Habeela's, Tough Cookie's, The Clydes, Reddy's, Shelley's, Mike's, and Nancy Toby's sites for fun recaps on the weekend!

It was really cool seeing all these bloggers in addition to my CTC friends out on the course. It made the run very awesome.

And for the true number geeks run splits mile by mile:
11-10:11.20 (Huge Hill in this one, everyone I saw was walking)
13.1-0:43.22 (Seems I had a bit too much left in the tank this last mile)


Running Jayhawk said...

You are a lean, mean, TRI MACHINE!!! Awesome job, E :) I can't wait to hear more about the race!

iliketoast said...

Almost 6 hours of racing, awesome!!!!!

Big congratulations, that's a huge achievement.

RunBubbaRun said...

Great job on the race. awesome time on course, you were flying on the bike and run and swimming like a fish. Congrats, looks like you had lots of fun. That's the only way to race.

Mojo said...

Woweeee! Your first Half Ironman and you tore up the course!

You broke six hours too. Yay for you. Awesome job E-speedy.

Papa Louie said...

Very impressive numbers! Congratulations on your first HIM!

Brian said...

Congratulations Liz!! Souhnds like an awesome time had! Take some time to enjoy this one!

DaisyDuc said...

Way to go Liz, awesome time and amazing run splits after your long morning. CONGRATS!!

Kim said...

AGHHHH! You did AMAZING! You're a freaking tri-machine!

Jessica Deline said...

Great job. You are awesome!

Pharmie said...

Congratulations! Wow. You are amazing. I could only dream of someday having those numbers! I can't wait to hear the in-depth report.

Michele said...

That is incredible. You rock, girl! Congratulation!!!!!

Steve said...
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Steve said...

GREAT JOB Elizabeth! We are all very proud of you! I hope to be up and running with you in like 3 months assuming this thingy mabober on my leg works to heal it. I look forward to running with you guys again, and hopfully follow your lead through to Iron! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!

Jeff said...

Congratulations! Way to finish strong.

Wil said...

Um... so, you're going pro ...when?

DAMN GIRL that time rocks!

Bolder said...

you think A's bike split was freaky... here's my half-ironman finish time from florida:


Rae said...

Awesome job!! I can't wait to hear the recap!