Rough Night

My "easy" run was pretty hard the first 40 minutes or so but the legs finally started to loosen up towards the end. So about 6 miles in tonight.

Came home to find out Monte had left us a present on the throw rug downstairs. Then while trying to activate my husbands new phone we found another present on our upstairs sofa which also got on our handmade afghan from David's grandmother and he decided to pee on the seat and on our custom embroidered blanket for our wedding.

He is now in solitary confinement in the basement. Milford can't figure out what the heck is going on. I feel horrible leaving Monte alone in the basement (he has plenty of room, litter boxes, water, and food). But I can't justify making Milford hang out in the basement too when he didn't do anything and I can't let Monte out because who the heck knows why he defecated all over our house. We'll have to call the vet tomorrow. Hopefully he was just not feeling well or something.

But on a good note check out pics of all my fun new running gear below!


Running Jayhawk said...

oooooh...the pet strikes!!

but i completely feel your pain.

love the new kicks, too.

RunBubbaRun said...

I have 2 dogs, one a yellow labrodaor with seperation anxiety. The stories I could tell you... Make a person want to go run.

Adele said...

Poor Monte! He seemed fine this weekend, hope he isn't sick or something. I'm knocking on wood that my cats don't pull any of that crap!

Pharmie said...

What a crappy night! (pardon the terrible pun). Love the new gear!