Trail Crowd. 18-19 miles in the Chicago/JFK bank (Edit: I should say that i have two banks going, one for Chicago Marathon and one for JFK 50 miler but with these long trail runs I am trying to appease both training programs at once!). Super exhausted from volunteering today. I still need to post recaps of Buckeye 50K, WIBA (OMG I am overdue!), Steelhead, and now GCT too (The volunteers perspective!) But it will all have to wait, my pillows calling!


robtherunner said...

You're a busy gal Elizabeth. Nice photo. I look forward to all your recaps when you get the time.

Neil said...

You just need to find a way to blog while running. Then you will be able to keep up with all of your races.

Wow. You sure aren't still for very long!

Haight said...

What's the JFK/Chicago?

Steve said...

How was the GCT? I was planning on coming out to help.... even set the alarm
for 4:10 am.... I unfortunately caught a summer flu this weekend and I spent
all day Sunday sleeping and still this morning was soooooo Groggy that I didn't
want to get up to go to work. Hope everything went well and the conditions were
great for the race.

Ginger Breadman said...

Pillow? You don't need sleep, do you? I should extend neil's comment and say that maybe you can blog while you run, and sleep while you're on your bike - or maybe it'd be better the other way around.