Track Tuesdays

I redeemed myself at the track tonight. Proving that if I actually rest I will get the results I desire, duh.

Workout and Splits (I backed off my regular track effort a smidge in order to save some face and not crash and burn like Saturday and was pleasantly surpised with the results)

Plan was to do 4,3,2,1 laps with starting off at tempo pace then picking up 400s by 1-2 seconds each interval. Adding 4*200 at the end for some speed.

Mile Warm Up: 8:16
1600: 6:52
1200: 4:59
800: 3:09
400: 1:22.64
4*200: 43.04, 38.21, 38.61, 38.55 (This is about as fast as my legs move, it feels crazy hard)
Mile Cool Down: 9:18

Although I rested Sunday I did get in some running related shopping which I must say made me feel much better after Saturdays race :) I was hoping to post pics of my pretty new purchase but they didn't come in tonight so that will have to wait for another post.

More on CRIM later for now go check out Mouse's recap!


Josh said...

That photo cracks me up! Great job on the track, you speedy woman you.

DaisyDuc said...

Hope to start to make the track nights a more regular thing now that they are not so far out of the way!

Clot Buster said...

No Chocolate Cake this time around?What kind of track workout was that?