Track Splits

Chocolate coma, too weak for details.


mile warm up: 9:01

4*800 progressively harder with 3 minute rests

8*"200" We were kicked off the track so we had to do our "200s" around the goal posts on a nearby soccer field. Man grass makes speedwork hard!
(My rests were my partners 200s. Holy cow AB made me look like crap! No wonder I wasn't faster, I wasn't getting nearly enough rest ;))
rest 37.02
rest 38.73
rest 38.25
rest 42.02
rest 41.69
rest 41.45
rest 43.02
43 something. I saved my workout but didn't realize the memory was full so I lost this split plus my last mile

Mile cool down: 11 minutes or so

Pics of dessert after the workout.

Chocolate Bomb

Snickers Cheesecake

Chocolate Bomb for 2

Chocolate Cake


qcmier said...

Hmmm, looks like I wasn't the only one who ate at Aladdin's tonight. By the way, I had the carrot cake cheesecake.

Josh said...

that looks delicious! and great workout!

Jodi said...

Now that is the kind of cooldown I can get behind. Death by chocolate :)

I am so impressed that you can make your decending 800s actually decend. In swimming I have a hard time with that!

iliketoast said...

carb loading? .... carob loading maybe?

RunBubbaRun said...

The best part of working out so hard is not feeling gulity of eating cake and all that fun stuff. maybe I can put some of that stuff in my special needs bag during the IM race??

Wes said...

LOL. Elizabeth, we are starting to associate you wit food :-) I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. It just seems to take a lot of food to keep you at that high metabolism you got going. When do you slow down? ;-)

rice said...

oh wow that looks really good..



Oh and good time on the 800's

E-Speed said...

The key to Descending JT is to make sure to start slow enough on the first one ;)

Mojo said...

Man, those 800's are fast!

I'd do my slothy toe running sprints just to go into chocolate coma with you!

Flatman said...


Papa Louie said...

I'd have to run around the track again after all that chocolate cake. Looks rich and thick and chocolate!

Haight said...

Yeah....what Flatman said

Cliff said...

U remmeber those times in your .limited brain capacity can only handle 4 set of numbrers...

Black Knight said...

Culturism....I mean body building. What a wonderful cake!!!

Bolder said...

if only i'd know my metabolism was going to change after my 30th, i would have had a chocolate coma every day...

of course, i would have ran track too!

of course!!

Anonymous said...

it is the Diabitties!

Robin said...

ha! I love how you posted pics of each person w/ their own dessert! Too funny! Annnnd: THANKS for the RW link to that article. There are other great ones, too re: stretching--something I need to do waaay more of and incorparte it as part of a regular routine. I love the yoga for inflexible runners! Thanks again--- I think this will be an invaluable resource for me.

TriSaraTops said...


neese said...

"too weak for details" lol, i know that feeling.

Michele said...

Food looks wonderful and so do those splits!

Lora said...

I'd pick the Chocolate Bomb. You're my kinda people!!!!