Running with Rammstein

Got out today by myself in the afternoon for a run. Couldn't drag myself out of bed for the SERC or TNT run. It has been a blah kind of weekend. I spent most of it sick and laying on the couch. But at least I got caught up on some crappy TV ;)

I managed to get off the couch finally this afternoon, did a thigh and abs pilates workout as a warm up then headed out for my run.

I managed to get in 6 miles today without too much trouble. I just ran from the apartment out 3 miles and back. Took my MP3 Run out with me. I desperately needed some motivation. The injury and horrible weather have been bringing me down this weekend. So I uploaded some choice songs from Rammstein's Mutter CD to my mp3 player and headed out. Something about German Heavy Metal just seems to help me get into the groove. I especially like Feuer Frei!, they used that in the XXX soundtrack, pretty sweet. The knee held up pretty well. I have been heating my IT Band at night to loosen it up, not sure if it is helping but it isn't making it any worse. The knee was a little sore but it stood up to the workout despite the hard core winds. It was supposively 42 out but the windchill had it at 28. It was very windy to say the least.

After the run David and I went to the pool. I did some drills and swam some laps with the pull buoy, but my arms were really sore, no idea why though...

We had a huge winter storm this weekend starting Friday night sometime. We had three power surges on Saturday which kicked off our pilot for the heater. Didn't notice until we woke up this morning shivering. Thankfully they are really good about coming out to fix things as soon as we call.

Hope everyone had a warm and safe weekend!

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