Boston Pics

John Kelley Statue

I cannot remember the name of this church but the building is
considered one of the top 10 buildings in architectural design
(according to our duck tour guide) because of all the ornate details.
I could not get a good shot of the whole church but it was reflected
well in this building across the street.

The Freedom Trail is a red line connecting sixteen historic sites between Boston Common and The Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown.

Our hotel in Boston was right above the Kendall stop on the "T" While waiting for the train at the Kendall stop you can amuse yourself by playing the Kendall Band. This is a series of three instruments controlled by handles running between the subway tracks. This is a pic of the Chimes.

Adidas was the big sponsor of the marathon this year and they had posters up all around Boston. In addition to all the ads they gave out free posters at the expo that are printed with every Boston entries name on them. They also had huge black boards up in the expo with every name on them. Here is mine

These pics are from The Granary Burial Ground in Boston

These photos aren't nearly as artsy as Chicalookate's but I thought of her as I walked through the burial groud.

Some Background on the site:

With its massive front gate, the Granary Burying Ground serves as the final resting place for may notable Revolutionary-era patriots, including three signers of the Declaration of Independence: John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine and Samuel Adams. Also buried here are Peter Faneuil, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin's parents and the victims of the Boston Massacre.

It was originally called South Burying Ground because it was located on the southerly most area of the Boston settlement. As Boston grew toward the south, it was renamed Middle Burying Ground. Its current name comes from the grain storage building, or granary, which stood on the land where the Park Street Church now stands.

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