Wild Night

Last night was pretty eventful (for my life anyways).

Got out of work around 5:30 and headed down to Peninsula to look at bikes. I tried out the Fuji Roubaix and the Giant OCR2. Bikes must not usually be built for my size because I could barely reach the handlebars on that Fuji (it was a 52). The OCR2 was an XS and it fit perfectly (For a road bike) I am still not used to road bike geometry but hopefully I will adjust quickly.

I took the bike out and it felt good. It will take awhile to get used to the clipless pedals and the speed but I am sure I will be loving it soon. Check it out!

I also got some new sunglasses (I broke my last pair just before Richmond), bike shoes (the OCR came with clipless pedals!), extra tubes, a hitch to put on my truck to hold the bike, some cages and water bottles, and a bike stand, I figured my hubby wouldn't be so upset with the new bike if I could store two bikes in the space of one.

The guys at Century Cycles were very nice to me and hooked me up so that I was able to bring the bike home last night.

So I got home hauled the bike and my gear up to the apartment and headed back down with my husband to get the bike stand. I am out the door and moving along the sidewalk when I hear this loud flapping noise and look and see a huge goose coming right at me. I screamed holy hell and ran out of the way. My husband seemed to be okay and thought I would be able to get the stand out of the truck without incident.

Got the stand and started heading back inside. My husband was fine but as soon as the goose saw me he came after me again. So I am running for the door but I could hear him almost on top of me so I started running around the yard, still carrying this huge box with the bike stand in it, (near our pool) screaming and my husband is chasing the goose telling it to get away from me.

It stops flying at us over by the pool and David tells me to get inside. As I am heading for the door it attacks again this time going after David. It was horrible. It landed right on his head, luckily he ducked out of the way before the goose did any damage with his feet or beak, but he pulled his neck trying to get out of the way. So we get inside and I am completely out of breath and David can't move his neck. I can't imagine what some one would have thought if they had found us in the hall like we were.

So that was probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, yikes! I don't know if I will be able to get to my truck safely this morning. I am worried that the goose has a nest near there.

So we get in the apartment and I start putting together this bike rack, well "some assembly required" took me most of the time it took us to watch I-Robot to complete. I get it up and realize the space I wanted it isn't larger enough for the bikes. So I have to do some brainstorming. I end up moving our cabinet out of the kitchen breakfast nook area and into our dining room and installing the rack in the kitchen. I get it up and start putting the first bike on and realize this is way more trouble than it is worth. So I take the rack down and end up just putting both bikes in that space sans stand. There is plenty of room that way and I don't have to worry about the stand crashing down on anyone.

Hopefully I can return the stand, but if not I guess I will keep it until we get a house and garage that I can better install it in.

Anyways by the time I got everything reorganized and the bikes in their place it was 1:30 at night. I am usually in bed way before that.

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