Been Awhile

I have been hectic busy at work and with Team in Training since Boston so I haven't had much time to dedicate to blogging

So maybe I can finally give you the full dish on Boston, or at least start to.

We left for Boston Friday morning (the 15th) and arrived around 9am. Luckily B was already there and he met us at the airport and helped us navigate the "T" to our hotel. We checked in and then headed out for some "touristing.”

We all wanted to check out the duck tours so we made our way across town to locate that and get tickets. We ended up timing it perfectly and were able to get on a tour within 20 minutes of buying the tickets. Our guide was very fun and entertaining. He was English (or at least had a strong English accent) and was full of knowledge about Boston. For those of you that are unaware a Duck is a WWII vehicle designed to travel on land and in water. Very useful in beach assaults.

So we rode around Boston checking out many historical sites and receiving a wealth of information about the beginnings of the USA. As we passed others walking on the streets or other ducks we were ordered by our captain to "Fire the Canons" which resulted in a loud "Quack Attack" on our part. It was definitely silly but still entertaining and I had fun.

We took the duck out onto the Charles River and the captain let the little kids drive the duck. It was neat, but quite chilly

I was glad we arrived in Boston early and were able to do the duck tour. It really made the rest of the trip more worthwhile knowing more background on Boston.

After the tour we had lunch at Legal Sea Foods. Excellent Chowder! I had a FABULOUS salad too. It had a very tasty dressing, apples, avocado, lemon, shrimp, red peppers, goat cheese, lettuce, tortillas, etc. It was great.

Then we walked around Boston Commons and checked out the end of the Freedom Trail.

My parents got in around 6pm so we met them at the airport and then went out for dinner at a great Italian restaurant a few blocks away from our hotel in Cambridge. I ate what felt like a million mussels and ordered eggplant Parmesan. I didn’t come close to finishing my meal and there was no refrigerator at our hotel so I felt pretty guilty.

After dinner we played cards then headed to bed.

Well that was day 1 in Boston! Hopefully I will have time to post on the rest of the trip soon! I am off to the track.

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