First track workout of the season

Ahh the wonderful feeling of burning lungs, tired arms, and overworked muscles! Must be spring, finally!

It was so warm tonight (around 70) and sunny. Not my ideal weather for a track workout but much better than 32 degrees and covered in snow like it was this weekend.

I didn't do so hot tonight but I will take it.

Did a mile and a half warm up.

Then 4*800 and 2*400

Then a mile cool down.

Splits in order



The last quarter I pushed it and I was cruising until I came around the last curve and got Slammed by this huge gust of wind. I don't think I have ever felt anything like that. I was so focused on running fast (trying to stay with the guys since they were doing an 800) when that wind hit me it felt like everything instantly drained from me including my focus. It was really bizarre.

I stretched a lot today before and after the workout and my IT Band didn't feel too bad.

I also had a huge lunch today, I think I almost lost that on the third 800.

My calves are tight and sore. So I think some ice in order.

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