5 Mile Bedford Race

Went out to Bedford this morning to do "Bud's Run." It was a 5 miler with pancake breakfast afterwards, my kind of race!

I took an Ibuprofen before the race today just to prevent too much inflamation. Not sure if it was that or the endorphins but my IT band held up fine today.

Ran for 12 minutes to warm up before the race with some of the SERC guys. Then stretched a bit and headed over to the start with A. Quite a few people from the club showed up today so that was nice.

It was absolutely beautiful out. Sunny with a breeze. Around 50-60 degrees. I think it is almost 70 out now.

The race started at 9 and I told A I would take the first mile easy and then start to fall into a groove later in the race. So much for that theory. I didn't feel like we were running very hard but our first mile split was 7:17. So we backed it off a bit for the next mile coming through around 7:55. The third mile was a little faster and had a small hill 7:42. After the 3rd mile A fell back a little, the whole 4th mile is up hill. I was feeling good so I passed two women and three men going up that stretch with a 7:28 mile. The last mile was about half up hill and the rest flat, finishing with one lap around the Bedford high school track and I ran that last one in 7:26 for a total time of 37:50. I am happy with that. Considering I was planning on running 40 or slower.

Did a couple miles afterwards with B and D for a cool down. There was a killer hill on that loop. Glad that wasn't part of the race So total mileage for the day was probably 8-9 miles.

Afterwards they had awards, there was also a 2 mile race and they gave out awards for that then for the 5 mile race. We had 6 SERC women there, and at least 5 SERC guys. Every single one of us got an award It was pretty sweet. The winners in both the womens and mens race were from our club and B took 1st womens masters. I got first in my age group and A took second in hers so that was great.

After that we all went down to the cafeteria and had pancakes. They were pretty good.

It is so nice out. We are going on a bike ride later, and I can't wait to try out my new bike and shoes!

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