Last Night's Track Workout

Whatever I do this week won't really make a huge difference on Monday. Basically I just need to keep my running legs without injuring myself further.

So I wasn't really sure what to do at the track last night.

Decided to mix it up a little.

I did a mile warm up easy. Then 8*400

I did the first one fast with MG 1:21
then tryed to do the rest at a fast marathon pace (2:00)
I did the next 6 at 2:00 to 1:45 per quarter
and the last one fast at 1:25

Then I did a mile and a half cool down easy.

My right shoulder was killing me and the pain was going all the way through to my hand. I think I probably have a pinched nerve. So I have been taking ibuprofen and last night took a muscle relaxor. It feels a little better today but my hand is starting to go numb... As if my leg injuries weren't enough

Tonight I am going to rest and then the rest of the week nothing hard or over 5 miles. We leave for Boston Friday morning.

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