Youngstown 1/2

This is me and another runner I met at the Youngstown half marathon yesterday. We ended up finishing together. B is right in front of us during this shot. She placed 1st in her age group as well as my other friend that went with us. (I did not place) teehee

The weather was okay for the race yesterday. Pretty chilly when the wind was blowing. But I opted for shorts after changing about 6 times. And B was nice enough to loan me her underarmour shirt because all I had was a tank and a fleece.

I ended up keeping a pace slightly faster than what I want to run in Boston which was the plan. I was happy with that because this course was full of hills. The first 3 miles were rough and just before the third we went up a very steep hill, nicknamed "The Bear." As you are going up the clearly labeled hill (like we needed a sign to inform us of that) you notice the 9 mile marker and realize I have to do this twice, great!

That was the only hill that really got to me because my IT band did not feel good on it either time I went up. But I ran really well and kept a consistent pace despite the hills so I was pretty happy with my time. 1:47:and x seconds...not really sure because the start was a little odd.

We started at a top of this very narrow hill, well they must have decided that wasn't very safe in light of the icy conditions so we all walked down to the bottom and at some point we realized that we had started running, so I don't know if where I started my watch was the actual start or not.

I am glad I ran the race even though the hills were tough and my IT band is sore today because I feel better prepared for what Boston has to offer now.

Last night was our Running Club Banquet. I had a blast and ate way too much food

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