Indoor Triathlon

Yesterday I "competed" in an indoor tri with several of the Team in Training gals. Everyone did a great job. The race logistics were interesting. They didn't have indoor bikes with computers so everyone got an equal amount of mileage on the bike and you just had to do an indoor spinning class.

So basically you swam for 20 minutes and someone counted your laps. Then you did a 20 minute spinning class. Then you did 20 minutes on the treadmill which calculates your distance.

The spin class was hard! This guys kept coming around and turning up your resistance if he didn't think you were going hard enough. I was dying!

Since the bike wasn't really counted I ended up 1st in my age group and 2nd overall! That would have been way different if they counted the bike, I haven't rode in awhile and I definately would have lost some distance on that. I did have a great swim though, and an okay run.

This week I really need to focus more on running, only 5 weeks till boston so only 3 weeks till taper. I would like to get in two more 20 milers for sure and at least a couple track workouts for sure.

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