Trail Runnning...

Against my better judgement and against my own free will :)

A and I went to Peninsula this morning again and met up with our new running friends. We all decided the towpath was not a good idea since last week that was pretty crappy running conditions.

So we decided that the roads would be a good idea. We followed SERC out and everything was going as planned for almost a mile until they suddenly turned off the road and ran across a snow covered field to a snow covered trail. We ended up running on the trail for about 25 minutes. It was pretty brutal. Bad footing, and my back was achy. One of my toenails also was a little troublesome, it wasn't cut short enough and all of the foot turning caused it to stab my other toe. But we managed to make it out and were able to takes roads downhill all the way back, now that is my kind of running!

So we got in a little over 5 miles.

I took one of my husbands 800 mg Ibuprofen this morning because my bone still felt bruised this morning. Well the ibuprofen didn't do anything for that but my hip and IT band felt great today, no problems, knock on wood. So I am not sure if they didn't hurt because I took the ibuprofen or if they didn't hurt because all the stretching and icing I have been doing has finally paid off. I am going to take 3 regular ibuprofen before the race tomorrow and then Tuesday I will try going out without anything to test and see if I am better. If it hurts Tuesday I will have to make an appointment with the doc to see if we can properly diagnose everything and decide if I need to be taking a prescrip to make it through till Boston. Lets hope that nothing hurts though!

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