cross training

Just did two winsor pilates workouts and some stretching. The DVDs are only like 20 minutes each but man they really work the area you are focusing on. I have been doing the ab workout and the buns and thigh workout dvds. Mostly because I have no definition in my abs and I am hoping the buns and thighs pilates will strengthen my upper legs muscles resulting in less injuries. And if they start to look more tone in the process cool bonus!

I gave up my spot for St. Anthony's Triathlon so now I will get a break after Boston. I am signed up for the Memphis in May Triathlon May 22nd now and I loved the Chicago tri so much that I signed up for that again. I am going to continue mentoring for the fall season as long as they will have me since they are doing Chicago again. So my spring and fall race seasons are pretty full. No more marathons for awhile after Boston though.

Checked out the Youngstown results. Man I got my a@@ kicked in my age group. The next closest girl was about 8 minutes ahead of me, yikes! I don't think I could have run that fast on that course if I was racing and I was healthy. I tied for 7th in my age group. Most road races I have done my age group hasn't had many competitors, I have run slower pace in a 5 miler and gotten first in my age group. Oh well. I guess I still have some goals to aspire too next year

I am pretty sick of winter. We got a bunch of snow dumped on us the past two days. I am seriously ready for some sunny 50 degree days! Maybe then I can kick these injuries and start running faster!

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