Bad Day

Today was not a good day for me. Maybe the worst run ever.

Got out early to get in 8-10 miles before the official SERC start time. I had planned on getting in 20-22 miles today. And then getting in one more 20-22 next Sunday. It was around 35 degrees and raining. I started out in yoga pants, a short sleeved technical shirt, a long sleeved technical shirt, a light jacket, gloves, and ear warmers. I lost the jacket and gloves within the first mile. I was pretty warm but soaked to the bone. On Sundays I usually run between 8-8:45 minute miles. This morning my legs were pretty tired and I was dragging between 9-9:45 minute miles. I stopped to tie my shoe around 7 miles and starting back up my IT Band didn’t feel good at all. Got back to the truck after 8 miles threw off my jacket and drank some Gatorade then headed back out with A, planning on getting in another 12-14.

I felt okay for the next 6 miles we were going a little faster and my IT band was just a little sore. We stopped at the water stop and when I tried to start back up again my knee hurt so bad I physically could not force myself to run. I guess the inflammation was just too much…we walked for a few minutes and I tried to run again but it was a no go. So A and I walked 2 miles back to the bagel shop. It was probably getting close to 32 degrees and was very windy and still raining. I changed as soon as we got back but I was shivering for about an hour afterwards.

A is an awesome friend for sticking with me.

I am pretty frustrated but I can only blame myself. I upped mileage too soon and now I am paying for it. On top of that I haven’t gotten a new pair of running shoes in ages so that is probably adding to the problem.

Everyone in the club gave me a lot of good advice today. I am very grateful to have such good and knowledgeable running friends.

The new plan is to take off at least a week, maybe more. I may try and get in a few short runs but if my knee hurts at all I am stopping. Hopefully I have a good enough base to get through Boston. I really would like to get in another 20…we will see. In the mean time I am going to be doing lots of swimming, icing, and stretching.

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