Swimming in the AM

Almost didn't get up this morning. I must have been in deep sleep mode because when the alarm went off I just hit the snooze as usual. After two times I realized there was a reason I set the alarm that early and it was because I needed to actually get up when it went off to make it to TNT swim practice this morning. Luckily I had laid out everything I needed last night so I made it just as the workout was starting.

I was a little apprehensive about going today because I have only swam like 3 times since Chicago and I didn't want to embarass myself. But I did fine thank goodness.

We did a 150 meter warm up, then some drills, and a set of 6*100 alternating which 25 or 50 was fast in the 100s. Then we did a 200 meter "relay" to finish off the workout. Of course there was 5 of us so that doesn't really work out. So being a mentor I got to be a 1 woman relay team...I was already pretty tired but I managed to hold my own and not get completely smashed by the two other teams of 2. Coach K probably thought this was pretty funny. Maybe in a couple weeks I will be able to win ;)

I am glad I got in the pool twice this week because I am doing an indoor triathlon on Sunday and I didn't want to be completely out of touch with the swim. My marathon schedule calls for an 18 miler this weekend but I have no idea how I am going to swing that with everything else going on...we will see.

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