Two'fer Wednesday! Buena and Minnesota, Wi

I love finding some old tune that you never heard before that you are suddenly grooving to. This is just a fun little tune, a bit jazzy, a bit bluesy, feel good. I've been toying with picking back up my sax again and I am definitely grooving to any tunes with a groovy sax line right now!

Can't embed so you will have to head over to You Tube to see this one!

So you get your fix here on a vid this week check out this cool little vid below put together to Bon Iver's Minnesota, Wi.

The song is a little more mellow, but does have a bit of sax in there briefly. I like a lot of Bon Iver's stuff so far that I have listened to even though he gets a bit nasally/whiny sometimes. Most of this song is a little less of that high pitched stuff which is more my style.

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