Thursday Up Tempo Effort

Goal: 8 at 7:10 pace
Actual: 8 at 7:00 pace

Nice chilly morning in Euclid and the sidewalks were clear thanks to this unseasonably warm winter. Not sure if it was the trainer ride last night making my turnover high, my excitement to be working out again, or my unusually high (even for me) energy levels, but I just could not keep this at 7:10 this morning (sorry coach!). I just went by feel this morning and didn't really want to pay attention to the watch, I just planned on using average pace for the whole run and starting slow and ending with the right average. Cue running the first mile in 6:58. I looked at the watch every half mile or so and consciously tried to back off the effort and hit 7:10s but each time I did glance back at it I was closer to 6:55 to 7:05. I'm going to enjoy it while I can because I am sure the workouts will get tougher soon and I will have to be more diligent about not exceeding the goal early in the run to ensure I complete the entire workout as intended. But this morning the effort felt pretty casual and I made sure the body wasn't complaining at all and just went with it!

I canned the warm up and cool down run and instead did a more dynamic type effort on both as I didn't want to go over the weekly mileage. Got in some active house chores and called that a warm up and post run did a quarter mile easy followed by some drills and carrying a bunch of old carpet to the curb! A massage followed by my PT routine is planned for tonight!


iliketoast said...

So you're sitting in the naughty corner with a silly grin!

E-Speed said...

I am most definitely in the naught corner and grinning like a fool :) Boston here we come!