A Tuesday Workout Post!!!

Week 2 of my get back into it plan with the coach and I am geeked to report that I had a workout!

Goal was 1.5 miles at 6:50, 90 sec rest, 1 mile at 6:45, 2 minutes rest, 1.5 miles at 6:50

I am so out of it on pacing sense that it definitely took some adjusting to get in a groove on these. Instinct incorrectly told me I was too slow so I had to do some micromanaging to slow myself down a few times (my tri buddy DM joined me and he had no problem forcing me to back it off, which was good!) but otherwise felt great into the wind and up some minor rollers. It felt good to pick up the pace and it was conversational so I am excited that this indicates my aerobic fitness hasn't gone anywhere, but I am glad we are easimg the muscles back into any speed or tempos.

Followed the workout up with my whole PT routine and I am feeling super fit today. It's pretty nice, I can't lie!

After that I headed in for my x ray. Fingers crossed for good results in the next few days, though I am not sure a positive or negative result on the bone spur will be positive exactly as that heel just wont let go of that little pin point pain either way! Thankfully it doesn't hurt at all in general, just when getting rolled on a ball or if i step on something sharp...

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