Upbeat Thursday Run

Yesterdays run went well despite the clear mind block on my part that forgot that marginal has a tendency of feeling like there is no wind at your back on the way out and then turning around into a head wind of monsoon proportions when you head East first ;) Bring it mother nature!

Thankfully the paces are pretty easy right now and it wasn't an issue stepping it up a bit on the way back to nail the slight progression run. I actually overcompensated for the winds and hill a bit and ran a little fast the last two miles.

Goal was 6 miles at 7:00 and 2 at 6:45

Ended up with 6 at 6:59ish and 2 at 6:35ish.

The left calf is a little tight still so I had ART on that and the stubborn heel yesterday and this morning at PT had a nice foot and calf massage followed by learning some calf and foot exercises that will hopefully get this entire body on track soon!

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