Week 1 Rundown!

There's nothing quite so nice as a cup of warm coffee after a very chilly trail run!

Apparently I am now off the road back and into training again :) It's good to be back!

Goals for the week:

Total Mileage 55 - 60

Monday: Easy
Tuesday: Track, 12 - 16 x 400 @ 93 sec with 90 sec recovery.
Wednesday and Friday: Easy miles @ 7:50 or slower, 6 x 30 sec strides on Friday.
Thursday: warmup, 6 miles @ 7:00, 2 miles @ 6:45, warmdown.
12 miles @ 7:30
15 miles @ 7:50

Pretty much nailed all of that minus the 12 at 7:30. Ended up with 58 miles for the week and Saturdays planned 12 at 7:30 turned into 10.5 through a foot plus of snow on the trails at around 9 minute pace. I was wiped out after that run. Phew! Time to make sure I am eating better and getting in enough iron to sustain training load again! I was exhausted by the time my head hit the pillow Saturday night!

In addition to all the running I did manage to get in a little workout in the pool this week as well as an ART session, and official PT session where we focused on the calf and foot, and of course lots of PT stuff on my own!

The foot/calf were a bit pissy after Tuesday and Thursday but for some reason they really are feeling good after the weekends long runs, so maybe just focusing on these exercises for the calf and foot will be the last key to keeping everything happy! (Fingers crossed!)

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iJuls said...

Week 1: 55-60 miles. Easy pace = 7:50 or slower.

Dang girl! You impress me.