Strength 1600 Repeats

Last night at the track focus was on strength rather than speed. Which was just fine with me given the tender left heel and having just raced on Sunday. Workout was our standby 5*1600 at 10k pace with 90 second rests. Unfortunately for me my training partner NC is just too darn fast for me now and my fitness is finally improving enough that I can't run with Salty and FD anymore, so I am on my own these days at the track and for tempos. (Hint hint if there are any 37ish minute 10k, 1:00:xx 10 mile, or 2:45ish marathoners in NE Ohio looking for a training partner let me know!!!)

But MR showed up and needed at least her first 1600 to be around my pace so I had a nice mile with her to set the tone for the rest of my solo repeats. I thought the goal was 5:56 pace, but that seems wrong now that I am doing the math so maybe it was 5:54s. I had it in my head that I needed one 88 and the rest to be 89 for the quarter splits which would be 5:54 I think. Whatever.

First one with MR we went out right on target 45 through the 200 and 88/89 through the quarter. She was supposed to pick it up as the mile went and I let her pull ahead the last two quarters thinking I had eased into pace but came through a little fast in 5:51.

Next four I was on my own but they pretty much clicked off rather effortlessly. I had a relaxing song in my head and only occasionally had to remind myself to pick my head up and focus.


5:50.8, 5:53.48, 5:52.10, 5:52.58, 5:48.30

I've run this workout faster with company, but I've also done it slower, so I was happy to get it all done below goal pace while feeling in control (no hammering) two days post race.


Mark said...

great splits!! Congrats on the new PRs

E-Speed said...

Thanks Mark!

Janet Edwards said...

I just crack up regularly thinking about you and all these songs in your head!!!

E-Speed said...

hey a girl without an ipod has to do what a girl without an ipod has to do ;)