Double Ladder

Coach was out of town this week at a family reunion so we were left to our own devices. With the start of marathon training for Salty and I last week and NC building mileage to do some smoking fast halfs before ramping up for the Trials we are all at different fitness levels and we all have our own paces now, but same workout structure. It is a bit of a relief not to have to keep up with NC, but certainly the workouts are harder when I have to do them on my own. This weeks tempo will be interesting as I haven't had to run one solo since the winter.

Last night was 2 sets of 1600, 800, 400, 400 with descending quarter splits. 2 minute rests after the 1600, 1 minute after the 800 and 400 and 2:30 between the sets. Goals 5:45 (86 per quarter), 2:48 (84 per quarter), 81, and 79.

We've been trying to get in 2 miles easy (if traffic allows) before our official warm up of some knee skips, lunges, high knees, leg swings, 1 mile around 7:30, then 4*100 strides.

I forgot my contacts so the world was a blurry place and I think that made my focus a little blurry but I got everything done on pace. A little fast during the 800 to begin with and a little fast on the second mile but other than that I ran pretty consistently despite being on my own. I decided to start all the repeats with NC so I would have a target to chase a bit, so a little bit less rest but not much.


I was definitely tired after this one, but managed to get in a 3 mile cool down for a total of 11 miles for the night and finished it up with the Jay Johnson pedestal and Myrtl cool down. I definitely felt that I earned my Summer Shandy waiting for me at home in the fridge!

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Kim said...

solid ladder E! i did a short pyramid on the track last night as well - please send me your fast genes.