Log it and forget about it tempo

One of these days I will learn to go out on pace or slower in a tempo. Duh it feels good to go fast in the early miles, but you have 6 miles total, not 3 :) Like I said, one of these days I will learn. Today was not that day.

Goal 6 at 6:15. NC had 6 at 6:10 so I decided I would just stay with her if I could. Seemed reasonable at the time...

6:11...and then things went south
6:26 and I was fighting for it. I let the watch get the better of me and I decided to take a two minute walk break to catch my breath and settle the heart rate after this one.

Started back up and just ran tempo effort the last two miles without looking at the watch. It felt like the two longest miles of my life. (Where the Hell did these hills come from? I don't remember it being that up and down at the start?)

Alas post workout revealed that I had fallen way off finishing out the last two in 6:35 and 6:38. Ouch!

Oh well. It is hot and humid around here, track workout Tuesday was hard and I neglected to have my usual endurox after. And yesterdays run was extremely sweaty. I'm chalking it up to dehydration combined with being a little too aggressive early in the run and lacking the metal tenacity to fight through when it got tough tonight.

Moving on!

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