I Choose This

I've been meaning to post about this for months but just haven't gotten around to it. I'm an avid reader of all things, including blogs, and a few of them have really inspired me this year. A few lately have touched on the topic that blogs tend to highlight all the positive going on and ignore or disguise the "uglier" side of our running. I mean no one really wants to hear about how my foot was a little sorer than yesterday, or how some days it is a struggle to get through a run, and how some days you question whether or not all the effort is worth it. I look to be an inspiration, not debbie downer!

But the truth is I do struggle with everything. I am not sure I can count the amount of times this year I was "this close" to giving up on the OTQ. It isn't hard to convince yourself that perhaps your body isn't strong enough, perhaps you aren't willing to make all the necessary sacrifices, perhaps this pursuit is too selfish, perhaps this isn't good for you long term, perhaps you were happier before you started to chase this "reach for the stars" goal.

But the truth is every morning I wake up is a morning I want to run. Sometimes that gets lost when a workout is too hard or my body let's me down, but the reason I can't walk away is because I want this. I want to run every day, and I want to run faster. I love pushing myself and my boundaries. I want to nail every workout and I want to exceed my goals on race day.

I just need to remember to acknowledge the negative but focus on the positive. My feelings of frustration aren't going anywhere, they are real, and they stem from somewhere, but I don't have to let them be the end all. I am confident I will find a way to continue to enjoy every run while being true to my goals and being kind to my body! I chose this path and I will do everything in my power to make it happen!


Elizabeth said...

Be kind to your body but reach for the stars.

See you in Houston (got a lottery spot) :)

Janet Edwards said...

:-) So true!