Longer Slower Tempo Night

With the time trial on Tuesday and Perfect 10 coming up on Sunday this weeks tempo was a little slower, but a little longer. Goal was 7 miles at 6:35 pace. A work meeting at lunch thwarted my plans to get the tempo done at lunch and double in the evening. The weather took a nose dive in temps this week so a lunch run actually would have been pleasant for once. Alas that didn't work out so I met up with Salty at North Chagrin and we ran the roads for our tempo. Course is rolling, and there is a lot of traffic so I was conscious of keeping aware and alert.

I decided to reset the watch this week and just focus on average pace rather than each individual mile. This worked out pretty well though with the rollers it was a bit tougher to nail things. Somewhere in the middle of mile 6 I saw the average pace had slowed from 6:32 to 6:36 and I overcompensated a bit that last mile and ended up with 7 at 6:31 for the night. (6:35,6:26,6:40,6:33,6:30,6:40,6:16)

My whole left side just felt "off" almost like the glute/hamstring/quad weren't engaging. Definitely a weird feeling. It wasn't like I was dragging the leg, but it definitely didn't feel like it had that normal bounce back after each step. Hoping the massage tonight will loosen everything up and it will feel normal for Sunday. It felt better on the cool down and this mornings super slow jog. The left foot was pretty pissy for 2 or so miles before finally loosening up. My stomach was threatening to rebel but thankfully waited until after the tempo miles were over.

Despite that got in a long cool down to get in the 16 miles for the day and got to see some buddies out racing the Twilight Trail 8k.

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allanjel said...

You know why you ran so fast the last mile, because you saw me, a tasty morsel (a.k.a the prey) and ran me down like a hungry cheetah!!!