5*1k, 4*200

Legs are coming around, lungs are apparently still stuck a couple of VDOTs slower though. Not sure if this is just post marathon, or if this cough that is clinging on has something to do with it. Either way it is an odd feeling for me having legs that want to fly but lungs that are sucking wind. I am more used to my legs being the limiter not the aerobic capacity. It feels like someone is squeezing me really tight whenever I try to get under 6:20 pace.

Goal for the workout tonight was 5*1000 with 2:00 rest followed by 4*200 hard (<40 and jog 200 between each) Goal times: 3:30, 3:25, 3:25, 3:20, 3:20. I asked coach if he really thought I was ready for that and he said he wasn't changing the paces and to just run what I could.

Cold drizzly night and I did my best to keep up with our pacer and my partner. Did okay the first two but just couldn't get the lungs to comply on the 3rd and 4th. The last one we got some extra rest while my partner hit the bathroom and I was able to get that one back to start pace, but clearly not the desired step down. 200s started at my average 38 and coach yelled at me to get on my toes. For once I listened and I ran my little shins off getting on my toes and was rewarded with my fastest 200s ever, but boy did they hurt!



The Salty One said...

That's still a mighty fast workout! My last one was 3:37 and I about died. Great 200's too! WAY faster than mine this week. I felt lazy yesterday and didn't go much faster than the 40 G had on tap for me.

It'll all come back after you take a breather and fully recover from all this marathoning and we can start summer speed training. Woo!

E-Speed said...

Thanks girl! Of note Sally Kipyego just won the Stanford Payton Jordan 10 KM in 30:38, or 36.77 per 200 meter pace, and made it look effortless. We have some work to do ;)

The Salty One said...

OMG! Could you imagine running 50 of those back to back?!!!

E-Speed said...

No I could not :) Not even with 200 meter recovery walks, lol.