Yes there has been some training going on

Well two weeks ago was pretty much a bust with the ankle drama. I was able to get in two swims but then got side tracked by a last minute work conference and only ran the one day at Cleveland. About 13 miles at about 6:40 pace and sadly it was rough.

This week I have been easing back into things. With no official marching orders I just ran what I felt each day paying attention to my ankle, feet, and lungs and trying to listen to my body.

This resulted in 6 runs and 3 swims totaling about 45 miles and 6400 meters. I did some actual workouts in the pool this week so that was my anaerobic stuff for the week while the running was all kept between 7:20 and 8:20 pace.

I should be getting official marching orders this week as we start building into a summer speed phase. Fingers crossed that the body is ready and willing!

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