Thursday = Windy Tempo

This weeks goal was 5 miles at 6:15 followed by one mile at 5:55. Funny how the goal of the workout can change ones whole perspective on the outcome. Last week I changed the goal mid run and was happy with a slow into the wind finish and even cutting the tempo short one mile because I wanted to err on the side of safe post marathon. This week I really wanted to run that last mile faster and the wind just wiped me out the 4th and 5th miles so in my mind it was a "blown" tempo. So to recap, last week 5 at 6:23=Yay, this week 6 at 6:15=Blown. I need my head checked ;)

Clearly I am not yet fully recovered from the marathon as these paces wouldn't have been an issue before the marathon, but on a good note the legs still feel great and ready to fly. Just waiting for my aerobic system to catch up.

Started with two of the guys and was chatting comfortably at 6:04 pace for the first two miles. Figured it was wind aided as it felt comfortable. Third mile right on uphill and out of the wind a bit in 6:15. Fourth mile I figured would be a little slow into the wind and it was at 6:23, but the next mile just sucked it out of me 6:35 and I was so close to quitting or taking a 2 minute walk break before the last mile, but at 5 I forced myself to turn out of the wind and just ran as hard as I could to close out in 6:09. Salty wasn't too far behind me and looked great. We cooled down together and I was glad she was there as I was seeing stars, so I was also probably a little dehydrated. I am definitely not used to warmer than 40 yet on these hard days :)

Likely had I gone out at 6:15 like I was supposed to the later miles probably wouldn't have felt so bad. It's hard with the wind to guess what pace is ok and what pace is a bit too aggressive early in the run because it all feels good. After last weeks 27 mph winds I didn't think 12 mph would be a big deal, but it was definitely noticeable. One of these runs I will learn my lesson and actually stick to the goal pace the whole way instead of going out too fast!

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Why said...

I am guilty of going out too fast on tempos and races.. especially races.. case and point.. 3 weeks ago in Boston. Legs.Still.Hurt. :p Keep Inspiring.

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