Peroneal Tendonitis

So that is the "official" diagnosis. Too much of a good thing with the Dance Central just overwhelmed this little used tendon of mine. I am sincerely hoping it heals fast since I managed to injure it so quickly. But everything I am reading makes it sound like minimum of 2 weeks no running, and that tendons are slow to heal. This is why my preference is always to see a sports doc who runs if I can with injuries, the last thing they want to tell you is no running, so if they say no running then I will believe them. But unfortunately I had to go with first available. And now I am wondering if perhaps he was just being conservative and if I might be able to run by the weekend. :) It also struck me as odd that he said I won't need any physical therapy to rehab it, I just feel like I will need to strengthen the muscles connected to the tendon to avoid it happening again. And I actually thought I would be okay with time off, ha. It doesn't help that it is gorgeous outside and I am amped up for all the hometown girls running at Cleveland this weekend.

I am doing my best not to "test" the tendon yet. I did try some ankle exercises yesterday and it feels a lot better, but still get pain when standing on my toes and if I step wrong I feel it. So I am behaving and wearing the air cast and avoiding all lateral motion. I'm icing like a maniac and taking the prescribed NSAIDs. But of course I'd rather be running.

So if anyone has any stories of miraculous peroneal tendon healing let me know ;) I really don't want to prolong recovery by forcing the issue, and I know big picture I need to be 100% to train for this fall, but I also don't want to avoid running if it actually isn't hurting it. Part of me is worried that all these small set backs are making me paranoid and turning me into a hypochondriac, I don't want to screw up training every time a small pain crops up as clearly that happens with running. Doing my best to remain patient and in the mean time sending lots of healing vibes to my ankle!


Haley said...

Peroneal tendonitis can be a real pain. Not only physically, but the healing time if you don't take it easy. Definitly keep up on the ice, rest, and NSAIDS. This would be a good time to do some cross training in a swimming pool-where you can still do an aerobic workout without the weight bearing being such an issue. I would definitly recommend that. Also, when you do start running again have some cans of pop or vegetables chilling in the freezer that you can roll under the bottoms of your feet after a workout. This will not only help to stretch out the muscles and tendons, but you will get the effects of an ice massage as well. Be careful not to overdo it. And yes, strengthening the muscles will help. Theraband should be your best friend for a while after you heal up!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Haley! I am going to behave and stay away from running until it feels 100%. Definitely will be in the pool. I am going to test the bike and see if I can do that or elliptical pain free to try and get more aerobic benefits close to the running motion if I can. Fingers Crossed!

Michael Garrett said...

I had PT from 2009-2012 and it was really painful. It ruined my daily activities, I wasn't able to play tennis for 3 long years... well, I really missed a lot. It was Feb of last year when I agreed to my orthopedic surgeon, Dr Grossman, to have a stem cell therapy. I was scheduled for 6 weeks of treatment. I experienced slight fever and dizziness but it went fine. My right ankle is back to normal and I'm hoping not to have tendonitis again, ever! I hope you are doing fine now. :)