Pumped Up Kicks Tempo

Easing back into things here. Of course my mind is ready to go out and crush some workouts and races, but I need to let my body catch up from all this crazy minor injury and marathon recovery stuff :)

This morning was a great relaxed tempo with my girlfriends. Both recovering from big races of their own it was nice to get out early and get in a relaxed workout with no real pressure (despite my stupid alarms failing to work I woke up when I was supposed to be leaving and thankfully I get ready fast and was out the door in time to meet them only 10 minutes late).

Jamming on the radio on the way in and the last tune must have been Pumped Up Kicks because this is what was on replay in my head for the workout.

I forgot to turn my autolap back on after Tuesdays track workout so I just had average pace rolling for the tempo and Stina was in charge of the individual miles. Wind was at our backs on the way out so we were a little quicker than the targeted 6:50 pace but nothing crazy. All miles were between 6:40 and 7:00. Finished out the 5 miles into the wind at an average of 6:44 pace for the run. It was nice to pick up the pace a bit and let the legs roll and as always great to catch up with the ladies.

Second run without the ankle brace and everything felt good! Unfortunately I somehow sprained my middle finger when I got back to the office. Seriously of all the dumb things, I don't even know how I did it but it is purple and swollen and typing all day is probably not ideal, ouch!

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Janet Edwards said...

Yes, a good morning run! You definitely seemed relaxed this morning! Always so good to get out and run with my girlies...even if that means I can't breathe! ;-)