Retail Therapy and Swim WOD

So what does this runner do to clear away the no running blues? Well with all this awesome weather it's tough, but I just logged onto and ordered two grab bag competition bikinis to get ready for the outdoor pool workouts that will be coming up soon! Looks like I will also be adding core workouts into the new cross training regime ;) Hello P90 X!

Todays workout was brought to me by one of my gal pals who took pity on me after reading yesterdays post. She sent me a plethora of new swim workouts assigned to different training "systems." So I grabbed a random "Aerobic Endurance" workout and hopped in the pool. This should be great for changing things up a bit even after I am back up and running.

Unfortunately time is limited in the morning and I misread the total meters on the workout so we didn't even get half way through the first main set which was supposed to include a 600 meter swim that I was looking forward to seeing how fast I could do. But it was still fun to change it up a bit and do something "new."

Daisy joined me and because the workout had plenty of kicking we got to chat (aka vent) a bit while burning the heck out of our hip flexors.

Warm up:

300 swim
200 kick

Main Set
4*300 - 100 swim, 100 kick, 100 swim with 30 second rest between each 300

Cool Down:
300 swim

A total of 2000 meters with 600 meters of kicking and my hip flexors were feeling it, in a good way. Daisy wore her zoomers today so I had to keep the effort honest.

And one more positive note to wrap it up, the cough finally seems to have gone away!

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iJuls said...

Retail therapy of the sporting kind. Nice!!!