Distance 5k Splits Predicted Finish
5k 0:21:32 3:01:43
10k 0:21:26 3:01:18
15k 0:21:03 3:00:05
20k 0:21:11 2:59:45
Half 0:04:36 2:59:36
25k 0:21:04 2:59:21
30k 0:22:17 3:00:48
35k 0:23:12 3:02:57
40k 0:24:18 3:05:43
42k 0:10:37 3:06:40


Thomas said...

Been there, done that. Ok, my Boston time was 4 mins slower last year, but the pattern is identical.

There are good days and bad days, and Boston has a habit of ripping your quads to shreds.

That's still a very good time, you know.

Kim said...

tracked you online from home, little miss speedypants! you did great! and you will be back :)

Brian said...

You did great to get back in sub-3 territory after falling behind early! Overall you should be proud of what is truly an incredible time. Ride the momentum into the summer/fall and you WILL break 3 hours!

DC Running Mama said...

I looked for you on the course, but didn't see you! It was a TOUGH course...those hills killed my quads and it was pretty hot. At least that's what I'm telling myself. We couldn't have asked for better crowds.

Love2Run said...

Boston is definitely a quad killer. Your splits only slowed a 'little' but I'm sure the pain increase was much more. Nice work!