No rest for the (marathon) weary

In some ways not meeting your goal in a marathon is better than meeting it. A lot of times after reaching a marathon goal you get this "what now?" feeling. You've invested all of this time in this outcome and now it's arrived and you have this emptiness that can't be fulfilled until you seek out a new goal to obtain. I can say for certain I don't have that feeling right now! I have a go out and tear it up in everything you do this summer kind of feeling!

Initially I had thought I would try to run Chicago this fall but since that would require a sub 3:01 to get in it's out. So I am thinking go back to the town where I always leave happy, Columbus. I've run Columbus twice and both times were PRs and days where I left happy and proud of the effort. Checking out their site I see that if I can run a 1:24 or better half this summer I can get into their elite start. Sounds good to me! So it's time to get to work!

First up is the Cleveland 10k on May 16th. It would be nice to place well amongst Ohioans there and crush my standing 10k PR. What would be really nice would be to run a sub 3/sub 1:24 equivalent time so I know that I was not insane for thinking I could go sub 3. That equates to 6:04 pace in the 10k. I think it's doable and I am working with the coach to try and get my speed in line to do it. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the winds on Marginal play nice on race day or I find a perfectly paced guy to draft off of ;)

First track workout after the marathon wasn't too bad. My stomach was not happy and it was windy and cool but I survived the first two sets and managed to finish up the workout respectably after a bit extra rest. Paces were better than the week and two weeks after Columbus, and this workout was a lot tougher, so I am excited. Hoping the tempo tonight goes well!

Filling in the gaps here was training since my last rundown:

April 12th-April 18th 30 miles
Monday-3 miles 8:17 pace
Tuesday-6.5 miles with track 2*400, 4*200, 1 mile a hair faster than marathon pace
Wednesday-4 miles 8:27 pace
Thursday-6 miles 7:12 pace with 3 miles at 7:10 pace and 2 at marathon pace
Friday-3.6 miles 8:43 pace
Saturday-4 miles 8:41 pace with a few strides
Sunday-3 miles 8:31 pace with a few strides

April 19th-April 25th 46 miles
Monday- Boston 7:07 pace
Wednesday-2.3 miles 10:13 pace
Thursday- 10 miles biked with NC on her tempo, no run
Friday-2 miles 8:53 pace
Saturday-9 miles 8:58 pace
Sunday-1.5 mile warm up 10:46 pace, 5 mile Pancake Run 6:38 pace

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DC Running Mama said...

Wow, you are recovering a lot faster than I am from Boston!! I barely managed a 6 mile run the Sat after Boston and given how bad that felt I didn't run again until Tuesday. I've never heard anything about the Columbus Marathon, I'll have to check it out! Just be careful not to come back too quickly and get injured. I usually take 1 month off track/speed work post marathons, but you're more experienced in marathon running than I am.