Chilling in the starbucks lobby looking through everyone's facebook posts and reflecting on the weekends activities. Not sure I am ready for a race report yet. Short story the AT&T Athlete alerts didn't work yesterday so the final results are a course PB and the C goal met for the day. My quads are thrashed and I am contemplating what I could have done differently or if perhaps downhills were just not my friends yesterday for no other reason than sometimes you need to suffer.

Had an absolute blast with my SERC girlfriends and I wouldn't take anything back (other than perhaps purchasing a few pricey memorabilia type items pre race).


Mark said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Kurt in Boston said...

Still a good race!

I started getting yours and Barb's Athlete Alerts at the half (got half, 30K and final). The website had all the 5K updates.

Nice seeing you again!

AJ said...

Glad you met your C goal. Keep in mind your entire alphabet is in a different arena than most. Hope you're proud of the accomplishment. Sometimes as marathoners I don't think we recognize how incredible our efforts really are.

Irene said...