Boston Marathon 2010 Race Report-Pre Race

After having an "off" day at Boston last year I was certainly nervous going into Boston this year, not about my abilities, but about lining up the race magic on the day. I was so excited to find myself having a blast with my girlfriends before and after the race and lining up at the start with nervous anticipation of running an amazing race.

We got to Boston Saturday (after a fantastic Friday send off from my hubby and our friend G and N) and fought the masses at the expo to get a few Boston accessories. Not a necessity, but always seems that way :) Hit up Legal Seafoods for the mandatory Apple, Goat Cheese, Tortilla salad and then back to the expo for a few more things before heading out for a jog on the Charles. Quick 7 minutes in the hot tub then got ready for an early appetizer at the Hotel Restaurant and Bar with Kurt. Followed that up with dinner at Papa Razzi, which was excellent, I hope next year we do the same restaurant. Legs up for 10 minutes and then to bed for a good nights sleep.

Sunday morning headed out to get in a jog on the Charles and had our brush with fame. Ryan Hall and Sara Hall were out warming up for her mile race, then we saw Josh Cox cooling down from his 5k, and then Meb waved at us on his shake out run. All good signs! We joked about running into our running boyfriends and then headed to the finish line to watch the mile races and take group photos. Went to the expo and decided to order the marathon foto CD and one of the plaques, I was that confident I was going sub 3, I knew I would want to have the photos from the finish memorialized.

Back to the hotel then to Shaws to pick up lunch before relaxing at the hotel until dinner time. We are lucky to have a friend whose brother lives in a brownstone on Commonwealth and has a pasta party for us each year. All of our club members come, enjoy pasta, and talk a bit of smack before heading back to their hotels and bed!

Fell asleep surprisingly easy Sunday night, but was up and wide awake at 1 am. I think I managed to eek out 2 more restless hours of sleep before the alarm at 5 am. Down with the coffee, ate some breakfast and headed to the buses. After a short line wait we were on the bus and headed to Hopkinton. Arrived and walked to our secret meet up spot, changed and dropped the bags before jogging to the start. I arrived there with plenty of time. The sun was shining and I felt great. I sat on the ground until they started the race announcements meaning it was close to go time. As the national anthem began I got chills and then teared up as I was just so glad to be excited about this race. All of my hard work was about to pay off. I was stoked and ready to go for sub 3 as were many on my coral. There was no doubt in my mind I was about to run sub 3.

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