My Personal Summer Goals

Still have to get these approved by coach but here are my thoughts right now (also a bit more on why that 6:04 paced 10k might not be realistic, but I'm going for it anyways!)

This is what I am thinking so far. Looking at my current marathon fitness and the 5 mile "time trial" I did I think I am at VDOT 52 pushing 53. It seems like I can usually hit the shorter distance VDOT times but that my marathon hasn't ever lined up so I am setting these VDOT goals based on my marathon VDOT, not on shorter VDOTs (since the marathon is my focus). I am hoping it is realistic to move up 1 VDOT every 6 weeks this summer with some effort (I did that last summer going from 3:16:30 at Boston to 3:05:57 at Columbus), I think my short distance VDOT times will come fast, but half and marathon will take longer. Based on that here are races I want to do with VDOT based time goals and pie in the sky dream goals. I think racing some halfs this year as well as the 10 miler will help with my marathon confidence this fall but I am willing to bag Concord and Presque Isle for a shorter race if coach thinks they aren't beneficial, Spirit of Columbus was a great course so I would really like to do that one:

May 16th: Cleveland 10k VDOT goal 39:20 Pie Goal 38:05 or better

June 6th: Concord Half Marathon VDOT goal 1:27 Pie Goal PR (Hilly course so not sure what is reasonable)

6/16/10: Flag Day 5k VDOT goal 18:40-18:58 pie goal PR

7/4/10: Some 4th of July 5k VDOT goal 18:40, more realistic goal 18:10-18:20

July 18th: Presque Isle Half Marathon VDOT goal 1:25:40 Pie Goal sub 1:24 (This is the only good half before the July cost increase at Columbus, would like to go 1:24 before that and apply for elite status, this is the same weekend as Johnnycake which Coach would likely want me to run)

August 15th: Perfect 10 mile VDOT goal 1:03:00

August 29th: Spirit of Columbus Half VDOT goal sub 1:24

Last Marathon Indicator Race is up in the air, ideally would like to do a half at 1:23 4 weeks out or a 10k at 37:30 2-4 weeks out:

9/25/10 Akron Half Marathon VDOT goal 1:23:00 (This isn't ideal, as it is the weekend I should be doing my last long run, but perhaps could do the half on Saturday and then do long run sunday but at a slower pace? Might be good fatigue training) another option could be to get in on a relay and run either the 10km leg or the longer finishing leg with the same VDOT level goal

It's better in mentor or cleveland heroes 5 mile sept 19th: vdot goal 29:55

9/18/10 Air Force Half Marathon VDOT goal 1:23:00 (really don't want to make this drive but could)

All Leading Up to:

October 17th: Columbus Marathon VDOT goal 2:53:20, Pie goal sub 2:50, C goal sub 3!

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Lloyd said...

Good goals, but I see you already at all those levels. You're aiming too low.

FWIW, I use VDOT charts pretty religiously for training paces but never for predicted/correlative outcomes. Especially for marathon. It always seems to workout to add 5 minutes to my correlated marathon time. Food for thought.

Also, I think you are on to something with trying some slower paced long runs. When you ran your last 20 miler so quickly, I wondered if you just ran your marathon there. Aside from training paces, there's some less tangible aspects to training such as metabolism and fuel utilization that doesn't always reflect in the training log.

Good job, E. You are certainly keeping me on my toes and peeking over my shoulder. I expect I'll be eating your dust soon enough.