2 weeks to Boston!

Weekly Rundown is in effect 65 miles for the week

Monday-6 miles 8:18 pace trails
Tuesday-9.5 miles with track 7:30 pace
Wednesday- Lunch 8 miles ~8 minute pace, PM 5.5 miles easy 9 minute pace
Thursday- 9 miles with tempo 7:08 pace
Friday-5 miles easy 8:44 pace
Saturday-8 miles 7:35 pace
Sunday-14 miles 6:43 pace

Key Workouts

Tuesday Track:

We had to head to the middle school as there was a Lacrosse game. The track there isn't great, surface isn't as soft and is lumpy in places, but it is still a 400 meter circle, so better than nothing!

mile warm up 7:35, 2 sets of (2*400, 800,1600) goal: 400s in 1:26, 800s 2:54, miles 5:52

1:27.35 (1:26.59)
1:23.54 (2:07.27)
2:53.35 (2:47.38)
5:51.12 (4:06.88)
1:25.92 (1:20.15)
1:25.18 (2:02.65)
2:53.83 (3:05.77)

Thursday Tempo:

Goal 6 miles at 6:26. Hot night (80 at start), garmin was acting crazy, was just whipped around mile 4 and just mentally bailed at 5 miles. Then decided to suck it up and finish the last mile after a bout of rest. Running with NC and between the two garmins the run was somewhere between 6:27 and 6:42 pace. Not the best run, but still a good workout.

Sunday Long Run:

14 miles targeting <=6:49 pace. Did this one at home, so not quite as hilly of a course but it was a windy day, so not a totally easy run. Averaged 6:43 pace, didn't feel exactly perky, but effort was doable and I am confident come race day weather permitting it will feel good. My dad rode his bike with me for this one so I didn't have to actually stop for water and was able to practice taking gel and water on the run which was a nice change.


The Salty One said...

You just ran my half pr on a training run. Thanks! Haha. Great week! Like I said, you got this! Just hang on for the taper ride :)

DC Running Mama said...

You're going to rock Boston!

Anonymous said...

I must say...you have real nice legs. :)
Good luck in Boston!

Brian said...

Seems like C-Bus was yesterday! Great job on all the hard work going into Boston!

Love2Run said...

Lean mean fighting machine comes to mind for me! Good luck with the taper madness and have fun!

Lloyd said...

Carp. I'm going to have to work to keep my PRs ahead of you! Good job, E.

E-Speed said...

Lloyd I can't wait for Boston to be over so I have some idea what all these workouts add up to! I have an idea but without a good indicator race I am really stumped as to what my ideal goal would be if you took away the whole sub 3 barrier (and not wanting to miss it by getting greedy and bonking!).

Black Knight said...

In Boston there are not anymore white flags to wave. You are coming there!!!!