Boston Bound

Wow this week has just been insane with work which has made this taper relatively painless. Though I do have one funny taper madness story. (Hopefully I'll have time to do a post on that this weekend while relaxing before the race)

I always love marathon weekends. It is definitely a time when you feel like a bit of a rockstar. Columbus last fall was just amazing, the outpouring of love and support from my virtual and personal friends and family was overwhelming. I don't express my gratitude publicly as often as I should but I hope I exude my gratitude with my daily actions on and offline. I am certainly very blessed to have such a wonderful support team.

Special thanks to those that helped me to get "race ready" this week. To my coach for the training and the mental confidence that has come along with that I am eternally grateful. To my husband and my family for allowing me to pursue my goals even when it means living life a bit outside the norm. To my coworkers for the same. To my running club friends for keeping me honest and giving me tough love when I need it. To my virtual support team, seriously love you guys. To my massage therapist for getting my body "gumbified" and ready to roll. To my hair stylist for getting my 'do and brows race ready (a girls got to look good to go fast!).

Here's hoping I make Monday entertaining for those of you following along at home! But it's a marathon and anything can happen. Going into this one with the attitude that I can't fail. But if for some reason I do, that's okay too. I know that I am fit enough to achieve my goals, now it is just a matter of lining it up on the day, and if it doesn't happen Monday look for it to happen soon :)

I've set up the blog to receive updates at each 10k so feel free to follow along here. I've turned off comment moderation temporarily and added word verification for the weekend. Things will go back to normal around here though next week!


Kurt in Boston said...

Looking like a perfect day for a good run on Monday -- high 40's/low 50's and partly cloudy.

Welcome back to Boston!

Love2Run said...

Good luck, you're going to do awesome!

Black Knight said...

Thinking of you while in this moment you are running Boston! Go fast!