Weekly Run Down - Speed Phase Week 1!

So coach says I need to get faster :) Some of our ideas and goal races line up, others we differ a little, but unless there is something I absolutely am married to racing I am deferring to him on the summer plans this year. You know I have gotten less stubborn when I have given up completely on doing the 50k this summer and I am not even worried about it. (It may help that we have decided to alternate weekends with a long trail run so I can get my trail fix that way!)

Focus the next few weeks is just on recovering from Boston, staying healthy, and getting my legs up to speed for the Cleveland 10k and the Blossom Run. Goals still TBD but I would really like to see a low 38 or high 37 for the 10k.

This week went pretty well for a week post marathon. Diet went out the window and sleep was definitely not as much of a priority as it has been so once I get back into a sleep and eating schedule I am sure I will start to feel better recovered.

Rundown April 26th through May 2nd- 64 miles
Monday- 8 miles 7:57 pace
Tuesday- 8.5 miles with track
Wednesday- 8.5 miles 7:39 pace with 4*100 strides
Thursday-9.5 miles with tempo
Friday- 4 miles easy 8:36 pace
Saturday-11.5 miles trails 9:30 pace
Sunday- 14 miles 7:08 pace

Key Workouts:

Track- Workout was 1600, 90 second rest, 800, 3 minutes rest, 1600, 90 second rest, 800, 3 minutes rest, 1600. so 4 miles total, goal pace was 5:52. My stomach was not happy before this workout. I have never felt that bad at a track workout, but just crossed my fingers that it would pipe down while I ran hard. It did feel better while I ran, but as soon as I got done it was awful, I wanted to curl up ion a ball and die. Note to self carry stomach meds with you everywhere from now on just in case!

Mile warm up in 7:20 then I had NC run the inside of the lane since I wasn't sure if my legs were up for 5:52 so soon after the marathon and I didn't trust my pacing. Well my speed hadn't gone anywhere and I survived the first mile in 5:47, but paid for the effort later in the workout and coach told me to call it quits after the 2nd 800, but I decided after a few extra minutes rest to do the last mile at a reasonable effort and then call it a night.


NC is getting too quick for me, so I think I am going to have to let her go a bit on these workouts and stick to my goal paces. I think I am close enough that we can still do the same workout, just let her have a bit more rest and take a little bit less for myself.

Tempo: Similarly to Tuesday wasn't sure what kind of effort I could hold. Was pleasantly surprised at how sharp I felt the first 4 miles, but then marathon fatigue hit me hard and I stopped looking at the watch and just ran hard the last two miles.

goal: 4 miles at 6:25, mile 6:20, mile 6:15
result: 6:24.15, 6:23.07, 6:22.82, 6:22.40, 6:42.95, 6:42.43

These efforts are far superior to what I was capable of the week and even two weeks after Columbus so I am still pumped up even though a few weeks ago I wouldn't have been happy with those efforts pre marathon.

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