Unsupported Run

Last night I headed over to my regular Tuesday group run. And no this run is not usually "supported" but last night was a different kind of unsupported run. I got dressed at work and realized I had forgotten a key piece of gear. Yep that's right, shook out my bag and found... no sports bra inside. This especially made me mad because normally I have 2 or 3 backups of every piece of running gear I own either in my bag or in the trunk, but last night I did not.

So I decided to head to the run anyways. I mean how bad could it be right?


We'll leave it at that.

On other bad notes. By the end of the workout my right foot was in severe pain. It finally snowed last night and the snow was making the path pretty slippery so the only thing I can figure is that my foot was sliding in a way it normally doesn't and it didn't like it one bit. After the first 6 miles the guys wanted to tackle another 2 but I didn't think my foot was up for it. So A and I hit the real trail which I thought would feel better on my foot, plus I had my headlamp so it would be my first time trying it out on a trail. Yeah, it made my foot feel worse. It felt like my arch was going to rip in half. Not good, not good at all.

So I have been icing and taking ibuprofen. Woke up this morning and it still hurts when I walk on it. The only way I can relieve the pain is to sit still or to walk on tip toe. Lovely.

The plan was for marathon training to start next Monday. Early sign up fee rises for the pig on January 19th. I am giving my foot a few days off and if need be until the 17th to make a decision on the race.

Stats from last night weren't much better than the rest of the mess of a run.

2 miles: 19:34
2 miles: 18:29
800 meters (up hill): 3:36
800 meters: 3:34
800 meters (snow directly in face high winds): 3:40
800 meters (down hill): 3:19
5 minute cool down on the trail

So if my foot decides to miraculously heal then I will have my work cut out for me next week. Tuesdays tempo run calls for 2 miles easy, 2 miles at 7:04 pace, and a 2 mile cool down. Yeah 7:04. So my thought is that (if I am healthy) each week I will aim for the goal pace and see how close I get. I have my doubts that I can run 2 miles at 7:04 pace right now, but hopefully I will be closer than I think I am.

On a good note, at least the actual winter weather is finally here! It was beginning to feel ridiculous wearing t shirts and shorts for runs in December and January!


Vickie said...

One could only dream of feeling ridiculous wearing shorts and shirts on a run in December and January, living in the snow zones like we do! As for your foot, see my tennis ball post and see if that helps. Or freeze a soda bottle and use that for icing on the arch.

Anonymous said...

I hope your foot feels better soon. Hopefully, it was just a random pain that will go away.

Did you wear your regular bra or go commando? I hate it when I forget something.

Anonymous said...

oh the poor ladies!!!! i've made that grave mistake, too...never again though.

Sending your foot some feel better vibes!!

IHateToast said...

keep a roll of athletic tape. just avoid the little... button. it's worked for me. if you don't want to blow off the run, you can at least have some support. and then you can scare your hubby!

Anonymous said...

I hope that your foot heals fast. Hang in there and don't get back on it before its ready. Just give it all the time that it needs. You will be ready for the Pig in time I am sure of it. I've only done the half of the Pig and what I ran of it was fun. Take it one day at the time.
All the Best!

toughcookie7 said...

Haha...I tried running without a sports bra once, and it was the last time!

Biking, I can handle...not running.



Anonymous said...

You are a brave soul!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

omg, you poor thing!!!!

i forgot that i got hot on monday and took off my tights and used my extra pair of running socks in my boots instead. today, no socks in my bag. had to wear my work socks (and then wear them the rest of the day). um, not so good. not nearly as bad as no bra tho!

E-Speed said...

Jen I went for my regular bra. I would haved died commando! I just tightened the straps all the way and hoped for the best. I think Ihatetoasts athletic tape would have been a better solution. Regular bras are not made for running!

Anonymous said...

Acutal winter weather here is not a good note. Boo winter, boo!

keep us updated in regards to the foot and signing up for the Pig.

Pharmie said...

OMG! I haven't forgotten a sports bra since high school. It's one of those things that you double check forever after it happens. No fun. You're mighty brave for giving it a go, though!

iliketoast said...

I need to think seriously before I comment on this one.

RunBubbaRun said...

Unsupported, I think that would be a bad thing for us guys also.

Just got the latest Ultrarunner Magazine. There is a story of JFK. whoohoo..

ps. if you don't mind, I advise on the ultra. Did you use a run/walk pacing thing the whole way? Did you eat solid foods the whole way also?

CJ said...

Attempt #2 (I'm not really having a lot of luck tonight when commenting on people's blogs).

Hope your foot is feeling better - not a good way to start marathon training. So take care.

Right now i wish it was snowing here - it was 40*c / 104*f here today. translated - that's hot!

Anonymous said...

Running without a sports bra? Now THAT is brave.

Take care of that injury! ICe ice ice..

Nice blog, by the way :)

Rae said...

Oooh!! An unsupported run sounds just as painful as the foot! Hope you're doing better.

flint cordoroy said...

I noticed a lot of bouncing in the video of a sprint into cold lake erie.